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towel that was placed at their desks.

4-Each student will now be given a magnifying glass. Ask the question, what do they see in their sand?

5-Procedure-Students will use their magnifying glass to observe their soil and write down, (Data) what they see on piece of lined paper. They will describe the elements, what they look like, and what they think they are. These elements can be living or nonliving.

6-Students will discuss with a group what they found in their soil.

7-Discuss as a class the findings. Conclude what was actually in the sand.


Choice Theory

Students are fulfilling their needs by doing a variety of activities.

Processing Activities

(Definition & Drawings)

1-The teacher will give the students a blank sheet of paper and write down their answer to the question, What is the definition of soil?

2-Students will get out crayons or markers and draw exactly what they saw looking through the magnifying glass.

3- Pour a cup of sand onto the visualizer so that the students can refer to the actual dirt for their drawings.

4-The drawings will be collected after some time has passed and will be assessed as to the amount of detail the student put in their drawing.  

Choice theory

Students get to choose exactly what they are drawing and what coloring utensils they want to use.

Multiple intelligence

Students use visual intelligence when looking at the soil and drawing that image on the paper.

Integrated Curriculum

The children are integrating art into their lesson by drawing what they see in the soil.

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