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Further Investigation

(Internet Investigation)

1-Groups will be sent to the computer lab in 4’s to further elaborate on soil.

2-Students will search with their groups on the internet to find out what is in soil that makes things grow, such as grass, flowers or plants. And what would happen if we did not have soil. And a few other interesting facts that they have found about soil.

3-The groups will each come up one by one at the end of the lesson and Present to the rest of the class what they found so that the students all have a broader knowledge as to what soil is.

Multiple intelligence

Students will use their visual-spatial intelligence when they are looking on the internet to find further information.

Brain-Based Learning

Finding information on the internet requires Knowledge and understanding and they have to be hands-on with the keyboard.


(Assign Homework)

1-Students will be asked to go home and observe places around their house that soil is located.

2-Students will fill in the worksheet that is given them to do for homework as they find soil throughout their home areas. They should also label the elements inside of the different sands that they see.

3-They will come back to class and turn in their worksheet for assessment.

Brain-Based Research

Students will use their own behaviors to observe at home.

Constructivist Theory

Students are learning by experiencing what’s in the real world.



1- Collect Homework. 5 points if the different materials in the sands are labeled, 5 points if they found four different sands, and 5 points for the detail used in their drawings.

2-With the students written

Brain-Based Learning

Students recorded information and artwork

Multiple Intelligences

Students are forced to look back at what they learned and apply that outside of the

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