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Engage Activities

*get predictions about rock book

*read The Big Rock

*discuss and question their predictions and what actually happened.

*are rocks fun?

While students are in their seats, read the title of the book The Big Rock to the students.  Ask them if they know what the book is going to be about.  Read the book aloud to the class.  After, discuss if their predictions were right.  What would they like to know about rocks?  Can rocks be fun?

Description of The Big Rock: The "'big rock" is a granite boulder that began as molten rock millions of years ago. Through the ages, the mountains above it wore down, the ocean flooded the region, and then

new mountains heaved the rock upward, to the surface of a New York State forest.

Even though the dinosaurs and other living things have come and gone, the rock remains as a survivor of the Ice Age and silent witness to the earth's continuing evolution. Once you know its story, you will never again overlook another rock

like this one.

Inquiry- By having the students guess what the book is about, it will get their mind activated and hopefully excited about the book.  

Problem Based- The students know that they are going to learn about rocks/soil in some way, but don't know how.

Constructivism- the students are going to construct what they would like to, along with what they already know.

Exploring Activities

See attached TQPDAC

*station 1- graphic organizer with the different types of rocks, along with drayer the different layers of the Earth by looking at a caramel apple cut in half

Station 1: Graphic Organizers to describe different ways of classifying rocks; Multiple Intelligence because they will be visually seeing the layers of the Earth with the caramel apple.

Station 2 & 3: Inquiry, the

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