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Think First:  Where do you see rocks at in the community?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

Questions:  What are rocks made of? What is the Earth made of?


Station 1:  Look at the rocks that are on the table.  Using the provided graphic organizer, fill in some of the different ways of classifying these rocks.  When you have completed that, look at the caramel apple that has been cut in half.  Draw the apple and the layers of the Earth that go along with it. (Ex:  the core of the apple is the Earth’s core, etc.)

Station 2 & 3:  Soil is made from eroded rock and decaying material.  Scoop out a _ cup of soil and put it on the white paper.  With a toothpick, sort through the soil and classify the objects/material you find into one of the 3 categories:  soil, rocks, or decaying material.  

Station 4 & 5:  Make a mound out of the sand.  Put small twigs and rocks in it if you would like.  Take a straw and blow on the sand mound.  Record what happens.  Wind erodes the land in the same way.  Next, take the watering can and pour a small amount of water onto the mound.  Observe what happens.  Rain has the same effect on the land.  Throw your straw away.

Station 6, 7, & 8:  You will be using the cookie recipe that is posted at the station to make Metamorphic Magic Cookies.  Mix the ingredients in the large bowl.  Every time you add a new ingredient you are adding sediments of materials and are compacting together to make a sedimentary rock.  Spoon out a small dough ball and put it on a cookie sheet.  Think of what will happen when heat is added to the cookies?

**go find me and I will give you a cookie that has had heat added.  From there, using a toothpick, pick apart the cookie and see if anything changed due to the heat. Compare your cookie with others at the station.

Analysis:  When doing your experiments were your predictions right?  If not, what was different?

Conclusion:  What does the cookie rock show us after it is heated?

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