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Engage Activity


1) Students will focus on the screen because they are about to watch an interesting slideshow, from their desks.

2) Click through each slide and explain each one, asking follow-up questions and answering questions throughout, to assure understanding.

Brain-Based Research-Students are asking questions and discussing the slides.

Multiple intelligences- Students are learning through visual experiences.

Exploring Activity

*Distribute Plants

1)  After the slide show, ask students what happens to their grass when it does not rain for awhile. This gets kids thinking about how things grow and live.

2) Give each student their own seeded plant that they get to experiment with.

3) Students will water their plant and set it in front of the window to get proper sunlight.

4) Every day, the students will observe what is happening to their plant as they take care of it by watering it and giving it correct sunlight, they will write down their observations in their journals. They will also draw each observation.

5) After a few weeks stop watering the teachers designated plant on purpose to demonstrate what happens if one of the components needed for plant growth is taken away.

6) As a class, we will discuss the different parts of the plant as they sprout up above the surface of the soil.

Constructivist Theory- Students are actually performing science skills.

Brain-Based Research- Students are discussing and elaborating on their observations.

Integrated Curriculum

The students are integrating art in their lesson by drawing what they see.

Processing Activities

*Plant Drawings

1) Students will get white construction paper and draw what they see each time something grows out of their plant.

2) Ask students to label each part on their drawing as they appear.

3) After the plant has grown the students drawing of the growing cycle will be displayed in the classroom. Or even if it did not grow for some reason, it will still be displayed

Choice Theory- Students are able to use their own imaginations to draw what they see on their paper.

Constructivist Theory- Students are creating their own labels based on the knowledge

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