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because some plants just do not cooperate.

from the previous PowerPoint.

Integrated curriculum

Children are again integrating art into their lesson.

Further Investigation

*Experiment and discuss

1) Ask students to formulate ideas of ways we could make out plants grow faster, or larger? (ie. miracle grow).

2) Allow students to experiment with their plants to make different things happen to them, such as, over watering it, taking it out of the sunlight, or giving it plant food.

3) In groups, students will discuss their description of the life cycle of a plant and the importance of the proper amount of water, warmth, sunlight, and air.

4) Groups will share their discussion with another group.

Blooms Taxonomy- The students are using higher level thinking when they are formulating ideas on how to make the plant grow faster.

Constructivism Theory- Students are sharing their own thoughts with another group.


*Vocabulary Handout

1) Give students The vocabulary handout with the words on it from the PowerPoint.

2) Have them match the words with their definitions at home and return it at school the next day.

Brain-Based Research- Students are searching for meaning for their vocabulary words.

Constructivist Theory- Students will also learn by experiencing the plants at home in the real world.

Choice Theory

Children get to choose when they do their handout because it was assigned for homework.


*Collect/Check Homework

1) Assess student’s drawings of their plants and make sure that they labeled each part of the plant correctly. For every incorrect label, take off 1 point out of the ten points total.

2) Assess student’s vocabulary handouts to make sure they put the correct vocabulary word with the right

Brain-Based Learning- Students completed their drawings.

Choice Theory- Students got to chooses how they would do their

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