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Engage Activity

*Read book

*Discuss what is already known about trees

*Ask question

*Talk in-depth about trees

*Ask question from TQPDAC

*Gather children into reading circle

*Remind children that we are learning about things that we have and see in our backyards.

*Read “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein

*Our story is about a tree that offers everything to a boy and helps him when he asks for things.

*Talk with children and discuss that we see trees in our backyards and also what they already learned and know about trees.  Ex.  The roots, trunk, branches, and leaves.

*Ask question, Have you ever climbed a tree?  What do you remember about the tree when you climbed it?

*Talk with children about the textures of the tree, how strong it was, etc.

*Ask question from TQPDAC- What do the parts of a tree look like and what do they do for the tree?

*Inquiry because they are curious and want to learn more

*Cognitive development because they are beginning to know and understand more.

*Knowledge because they have to recall prior knowledge and experiences.

*Problem Based learning is used when the students are given a question and they have to work together to come up with ideas

Exploring Activities

*Put class into 6 groups

*Explain TQPDAC

*Move from stations when you hear a bell

*Move class to stations

*Ring bell every 10 minutes until everyone has gone to a station

*Organize students into six groups.

*Explain that we are going to get up close and personal with different parts of trees.

*We will be working with our groups at different stations.  There will be 10 minutes at each station.

*When you hear a bell you have to move on to the next station.  We will continue until everyone gets through each station.

*Guide and direct students into each of their groups.  

*Cooperative learning because the students are working in their groups to come up with a common answer

*Constructivism because they are building on from their previous knowledge.

*Tactile/Kinesthetic because they are able to move around

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