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*Explain that some stations have worksheets which are attached.

*Hand out TQPDAC to each group. (Attached)

*Explain the TQPDAC to students.  That each station has a description under procedure and is clearly marked on each group of tables.

*The students have to fill out the data by themselves and do the analysis and conclusion portion of the TQPDAC with their groups.

*Let students get to work and be sure to ring the bell after 10 minutes.  Give students a 5 minute and 1 minute warning before the bell rings and they have to switch stations.

*Continue to ring bell every 10 minutes until everyone gets through each station.

and touch different objects.

*Love and belonging because the students are working together to belong with a group.

*Graphic Organizers are used in the TQPDAC when the students use it to organize their information from each station

Processing Activities

*Discuss what was learned

*Each group present theories to the class

*Discuss differences and similarities between each groups’ theory

*Ask about questions

*Discuss as a class what we learned by going through the stations.

*Have each group present their theories to the class by simply stating what they observed in each of the stations.

*Have a chart on the board with differences on one side and similarities on the other.

*Discuss as a class the differences and similarities between each groups theories and write their theories on the board under the appropriate column.

*Talk about how everyone saw something different at each station and everyone saw the same thing at each station.  Explain to the students that trees can look different yet they have the same characteristics.

*Verbal linguistic because the students are able to use verbal skills.

*Higher Order Thinking-Application because they are applying their new knowledge.

*Learning Modalities- Auditory because we are discussing and using a talking lecture format

*Cooperative learning because the

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