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Engage Activity

*Read book

*Go outside and observe the clouds

*Write down on worksheet

*Ask question

*Gather children into reading circle

*Remind students we are learning about what is in our backyard and what can be seen.

*Read “It Looked Like Spilt Milk” by Charles G. Shaw.

*Our story has pages upon pages of clouds in different shapes where we have to think and guess about what we think they are.

*Talk with children and discuss what they already know about clouds mentioning how we can see clouds when we are outside in the backyard.

*Hand out cloud worksheet to students and explain that we will be going outside to look at the clouds.

*On the left side of the worksheet have them write down their observations (How do the clouds move).  On the right side have the children write what they thought the clouds looked like (also include sunny, warm, cold).

*Ask question: What do clouds do, what do they look like, and how do they get into the sky?

*Inquiry because they are curious and want to learn more

*Cognitive development because the children are beginning to understand more and respond to their environment i.e the clouds in the sky.

*Brain-Based because they are learning even if they do not realize it.

*Visual learners because they are looking at the clouds and forming their ideas.

*Graphic Organizers are used when the students go outside and write down their observations

Exploring Activities

*Discuss answers and put on board.

*Explain how clouds are formed.

*Show how to make cloud by doing the experiment for the whole class

*Once done with experiment  hand out  

*Discuss their answers and what they are thinking.  Put their ideas up on the board.

*Explain that we are going to be doing an experiment to make an actual cloud and perform experiment.  The actual experiment steps are attached.

*While doing experiment explain to students that clouds are water.  Meteorologists are people that study and predict weather and study the clouds.

*Constructivism because they are using an active techniques to create more knowledge by doing the experiment.

*Inquiry because they are curious to see and learn more.

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