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cloud worksheet to them

*Work on internet

*Explain that clouds are made when air rises and gets cold.  Cold air cannot hold as much water.  Tiny droplets of water clump together to make a cloud.  Demonstrate and put on the board.

*Explain that next we will be going using the computers to find out about the different types of clouds

*After explaining hand out worksheets for the internet portion and break into groups.

*Show students that the link for the website on the worksheet is saved on the computer screen.

*If internet is not working properly be sure to have visuals of the different clouds and be ready to explain the different clouds to the students

* Choice theory when they use fun and enjoyment.  They are having fun doing experiments and looking stuff up on the computer.

*High-Order thinking when they use analysis to interpret the information they find on the internet.

*Graphic organizers are used when the students look information up on the internet

Processing Activities

*Discuss what they have learned.

*Pass out supplies for them to make their own clouds

*Fold paper: Demonstrate

*Label each box

*Use cotton balls to make clouds

*Once groups are done discuss what they have learned and discovered online to the whole class.   

*Explain to students that they will be able to use their knowledge to make their own clouds.

*Pass out blue paper and cotton balls to each student.

*Have students fold the paper to make four squares.  Demonstrate to the students.

*Have students label each box with the four types of clouds that they discovered in marker.

*Have them use the cotton balls and make them into the four types of clouds.

*Constructivism because they are building on to their knowledge by making the clouds

*Tactile/Kinesthetic because they are touching the cotton balls and making them into clouds.

*Freedom because they are free to make their own individual cloud for each.  It won’t be the same as everyone else.

*Graphic Organizers are used when the students are given a format to follow and can see the example

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