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-Discussion of worksheet

-Coloring activity of the four seasons

Conclusion: When everyone is done, head back to the classroom to discuss the worksheet as a class.

While discussing the seasons, make a chart or web of the seasons on the board so that the children can see how each thing on the worksheet connects with each season.

-When the discussion is done, hand out the coloring activity of the four seasons. (See attached handout)

Cognitive Theory-taking previous knowledge and new understanding to make a web on board.

Choice Theory-children choose what each season should consist of.

Graphic Organizer-class is working together to complete a web map on the board.

Problem Based Learning-taking what in previous activity and using it to new activity.

Further Investigation

To further understand the seasons, a fun activity is given to the children.

In order to do this activity, the teacher must bring in objects and/or clothing that have to do with each season. The teacher must have enough objects and clothing for each team!

Split class into 4 teams. When a season is called, one child on each team will run over to the other side and choose something from the box or table that coincides with the season called out. Each team will earn a point for the correct object they chose.

By doing this fun activity, the children are able to further understand and connect real life objects with the changes that happen in each season.

Cognitive Theory- students have to decide which clothing will fit with each season from what they have previous learned.

Multiple Intelligences Theory- students are using their bodies and mind to complete the activity.

Cooperative Learning-children are working together to complete the activity.

Problem Based Learning- taking what they learned in previous activity and applying it to new activity.


A homework assignment will be

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