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*Students fill out TQPDAC form including Analysis on poster board.

over the TQPDAC, explain that we are going to go outside and test their predictions on actual swings for the procedure.  

*Test and fill out data table portion of TQPDAC.

*When done with procedures go back into the classroom.  

*Get back into groups and write down their observations and any questions they may have.  

*Hand out poster board and markers.

*Students fill out analysis portion of


*Students fill out conclusion portion of TQPDAC.

because they are seeing, talking with their peers, and using manipulative to solve the experiment

*Choice Theory- Belonging because the students belong in their group

*Inquiry because students are curious and want to learn more

*Constructivism because they are using their previous knowledge to learn more

*Graphic organizer was used in the TQPDAC to help students see organize their information

Processing Activities

*Groups discuss results

*As class go through each groups’ results

*Compare similarities and differences between each group

*Discuss students’ questions

*Discuss as a class what we learned outside.

*As a class go through each group and see what everyone’s results and observations were.

*Discuss similarities between each groups’

results and also the differences between each group.

*Ask if there are any questions.

*As a class, try to come up with answers using the information that was just learned about how the weight affected the outcome.

*Brain-Based because the students are learning and building new information

*Learning Modalities- Auditory because we are discussing the results as a class

*Choice Theory- Freedom because students are free to voice their opinion

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