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*Cooperative Learning is used when students think about the new information and work together to come up with a general answer

*Inquiry because the children are curious and want to find the answers to their questions

Further Investigation

*Supply washers and fishing line

*Let them experiment using their new knowledge

*Students make their own TQPDAC

*Provide students with basic tools such as washers of difference sizes and fishing line.

*Explain next activity- Use those tools to answer some of the questions they may have.

*Let them do their own experiments using the knowledge they acquired from the swing activity.

*Have the groups come up with their own TQPDAC about what they tested and what their conclusions were.

*Be sure to tell students that they should have a procedure, data, analysis, and conclusion in their TQPDAC.  They can use the TQPDAC from before to help them.

*Walk around, observe, and help out when needed.

*Students should find that weight or length of string does not make a difference in how fast a swing moves.  Everything moves at the same speed.

*Constructivism because they are using previous knowledge to help them answer their questions

*Inquiry because the students want to learn more about their questions

*Higher Order Thinking- Application because they are applying the knowledge they learned

*Choice Theory-Freedom because they are free to try their own experiments and make their own TQPDAC

*Problem Based learning because they are given a

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