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Each group will present their mammal paper and explain why they put their animal cut-outs on each side. They will also present their picture of the mammal they chose.

Children should then go back to their seats and list some characteristics all mammals have in common.

-Choice Theory-the students are choosing what they would like to say to the class.

-Thematic Instruction because they and presenting activity to class and listing characteristics of mammals

Problem Based Learning because they are taking what they learned from activity and writing them down.

Further Investigation

Whole class

Group presentations

Individual work

Students will then go back to their seats and draw their favorite kind of mammal. On the back of the paper, each child should write why they chose this animal.

Problem Based Learning-taking what they learned in class and drawing a picture of the mammal.

-Choice Theory-choosing which animal they would like to draw.

-Cognitive Theory-taking what they previously learned and applying it to their drawing

Inquiry- taking what they learned about mammals and selecting a mammal from knowledge to draw.


Individual work

Children will receive an out of class assignment to go home and cut out different mammal pictures from magazines. Each child should collect about 5 different pictures. Then glue them on a piece of construction paper with a label of each animal.

-Cognitive Theory- taking what they previously learned about mammals and using it to help complete homework.

-Choice Theory-choosing what animals they would like to cut out to complete assignment.

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