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Session 21: Why You Use and Low­Tech Sex

Why do you use?

Gay men may use crystal for many reasons. W

found that most guys

use crystal for one (or a combination) of three reasons. Some men use purely for sexual gratification and enhancement. Some use to escape negative feelings or responsibilities. Crystal can help people forgeteven if temporarilyabout problems or responsibilities. When people use crystal to escape, they often feel immediate relief from their problems. One of the challenges in giving up crystal is that many are uncertain how to create

escape time in their lives without using.

Some men use to cope with aspects of being HIV­positive.

Do you relate to any of the following HIV­related crystal­use motivations?

  • To cope with the emotional reactions of being diagnosed with HIV

  • To cope with fatigue or lack of energy because of HIV or HIV meds


of protease


(HAART, or

inhibitors and drug cockta


highly many

active people

antiretroviral with HIV are

living much longer now. If yo

been positive for 10­20 years, did

you decide back then to live like today is your last day ? Did that lead to a lifestyle of partying?

  • To avoid the often anxiety­provoking choice of whether or not to

disclose your HIV status to potential sex partners

  • To escape, just for a little while, the awareness that you are positive

Being HIV­negative at this time in our collective history has challenges as well. Many negative guys tell us that it simply is possible to have a carefree, spontaneous sexual experience because of the fear of contracting HIV, syphilis, or other STIs. For some negative guys, it seems like most of

the organized LGBT community effort coalesces around HIV, and that i

very easy to feel members of our affected world.

isolated and alone as a negative community to take a vacation

man. Crystal allows all from living in an HIV­


Session 21: Why You Use and Low­Tech Sex

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