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While all these motivations for crystal use are common among gay men, from our work over the years e found that whatever the reason someone began using crystal, for almost all of them, crystal became associated with sexual experiences. Crystal often helps ease the sometimes awkward parts of meeting guys and making sexual connections. We also learned, however, that crystal can distance men from each other in important ways because so much of what happens is based on

fantasy and not on who is actually in the room.

Think about your crystal use. Do any of the reasons you, or are there other reasons you use?

discussed fit

Low­Tech Sex

There are many things that can enhance sex. Crystal is definitely one of them, and for many gay men it has become the primary means of enhancing sex. We call crystal sex high­tech sex, because sex on crystal is often connected to the Internet, where guys can hook­up to party­n­play.

For this low­tec


w re going

sex. If

you e been

to call sex without crystal and the Internet using crystal for a while, you may have even

forgotten what

like to meet someone without using the Internet. In some


become easier and faster to


crystal and a guy online than

it is to order a pizza!

An important part of the recovery process, particularly for gay men who use crystal, is to find ways of being sexual that do not include crystal and everything associated with it. Sex without crystal t going to be as intense as sex on crystal, especially not in the early stages of recovery. However, the goal is to discover and create ways of having and enjoying low­tec sex. This means first figuring out what kind of connection you want to have with another guy (or guys) and then developing some steps to

move you toward that connection.

Session 21: Why You Use and Low­Tech Sex


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