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Session 23: Socializing vs. Isolating

When crystal addicts are using and feeling awful as a result, they learn to stay home, curl up in bed, eat and sleep, and regain strength. During the active stages of addiction, isolating is the way many users take care of themselves. During recovery, establishing a routine is critically important. Going to meetings, work, and therapy are ways to provide structured time in early recovery. The act of going to these places, that is, just showing up, is as important as what you may get from being there.

For many people, as crystal use worsens, the world is slowly reduced to obtaining, using, and recovering from crystal. Other aspects of life often get less attention and can seem to wither away. In addition, both while using and while recovering from using, it is common to isolate from other people to allow time to physically and emotionally recuperate.

People isolate in different ways. Most commonly, people isolate by shutting

themselves off from the worl

aying at home, closing the drapes, and

hiding from the world. However, many people isolate in public. They can be on a crowded street or in the middle of a party and shut themselves off

emotionally. The end result is the sam isolation.

eelings of loneliness and

As you progress in recovery and begin to gain clarity about your life, you are confronted with many thoughts and feelings about yourself, your world, and your place in the world that require some time to sort out. Being with other people often helps us to break out of negative thought patterns, which is very difficult to do alone (simply because others can often see us more objectively than we see ourselves). Thus, it is important to avoid isolation on both levels by not physically removing yourself from the world, and by not emotionally removing yourself from the world.

Even for people who find it important to have time alone, it is important to create a schedule of activities that include interactions with other people and stick to that schedule.

Session 23: Socializing vs. Isolating


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