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Session 6: Meet Auntie Tina

Through this program, yo named Auntie Tina. W

come to know a character like you to think of her as

your favorite aunt because, as the story goes, ever since you were little you could tell her anything═ż she would listen and give you wise advice. Auntie Tina will follow you through this program and help you by listening and sharing her wisdom.


like you to write a letter to Auntie

Tina telling her about your crystal use, but first

e a look at an example letter from a guy James.

Dear Auntie Tina, I’ve been using crystal for a couple of years now. I’m kind of a party boy and I started doing it at clubs and circuit parties. When I’m on crystal I’m not as shy and it’s a lot easier for me to go up and talk to guys I like. I also had amazing sex on it, at least at first. When I’m high I really get into

leather and bondage scenes.

The problem is that lately the scenes have

b e e n g e t t i n g m o r e a n d m o r e e x t r e m e a n d t h e y r e s t a r t i n g t o s c a r e m e .

Recently I got into an S&M scene with a guy and he wanted to quit before I did. I figured it was just part of the scene and kept going. I didn’t care about anything he was telling me. I just wanted to keep getting off. I only stopped when he started screaming at me and hitting me.

I’m really kind of worried that I could get so out of control and not even realize it. I’m also afraid to show my face if I run into him again. What’s a boy to do?

Love, James


Session 6: Meet Auntie Tina

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