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Session 11: Creating a Safe Space

Whole Truths, Half Truths, and Lies:

It is difficult to use crystal regularly and continue to be honest with both yourself and others. This is not a judgment, but rather a statement about the realities of the constant challenges and the conflicts that arise when meeting the demands of daily life and using crystal regularly. Often these challenges and conflicts can lead to people compromising the degree of honesty they choose to have with particular people. However, an individual should not necessarily have to disclose his drug­using history to just anyone. There is a filtering process that allows the individual to actively gauge what to be honest about and to whom­­for the sake of preserving


safety and privacy.

Being truthful can be very hard. Do you ever:

Change the truth to avoid feeling embarrassed or ashamed?

Worry that someon

feelings will be hurt or that someone will not

approve of your behavior.

  • Decide to let someone believe a partial truth?

  • Tell people what they want to hear?

  • Tell people what you wish were true?

  • Tell less than the whole truth?

  • Forget to tell a sex partner that you have HIV or another sexually

transmitted infection?

What are the dangers of being completely truthful? Are there areas of your life where it is or has been too dangerous to be truthful?

What would it mean for you to be totally honest? What are the costs of

Session 11: Creating a Safe Space


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