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being totally honest in your life today?

What are the benefits of being totally honest in this group? How might you benefit if you were totally honest in your close relationships?

Being honest with yourself and others is critical during the recovery processÍž otherwise treatment is just a waste of time.

One place you can begin practicing complete truthfulness is in this group. Being a part of a group like this can be a scary experience. The goal is to help you to learn about yourself and your feelings and how they relate to your crystal use. You will probably discover things about yourself that you have never thought about before. Many people also experience very strong emotional reactions to some of the material we talk about.

The only way that this group can be successful is to ensure that it is a safe place where issues can be discussed openly and confidentially. The group leader has a part in creating a safe space by making sure that everyone has a chance to express themselves and that no one is attacked for expressing feelings or being who they are.

You also have a role. It is important to be aware of your feelings. Allow yourself to decide how much you want to share in each group session. Sharing too much all at once can sometimes make you feel exposed and uncomfortable. Sometimes you may want to sit back and listen to others before sharing, to give yourself time to think. The group leader will also help with this process.


Session 11: Creating a Safe Space

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