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Session 14: Drugs, Sex, and Euphoric Recall

Some drugs, such as crystal, can both intensify focus and lessen

inhibitions. Many gay and bisexual men use crystal before, during,

after sex. What do you think about when you think of sex on

just exciting images? Or remember the good parts,

is there anything else?


and forget about the negatives.

crystal? tend to

and Is it only

In the following exercise, we would like you to think about how crystal was appealing in the beginning. Which of the following were true for you? In the Beginning, crystal use . . . Increased sexual pleasure Made sex last longer Let me do things I might not have done without it Helped me meet people by making me less self­conscious Helped me forget about HIV/AIDS

Are these the only things you remember when you think about sex on crystal? As the addiction gets worse, less pleasant things often begin to happen. Now, we would like you to think about how crystal has become unappealing. Which of the following is true for you now or has been true recently?

Near the End, crystal use . . . Made sex and crystal fantasizing more exciting than the real thing Led to poor/dangerous sexual choices Made me forget what sex is like not on crystal Made it difficult to get and maintain an erection Replaced sex altogether Made me forget to take my HIV (or other) medications Changed my physical appearance, such as my skin and teeth Depleted my finances Increased my paranoia and anxiety Socially isolated me Created an endless search for sexual excitement, but the result was continual disappointment Made reality never seem exciting enough

Session 14: Drugs, Sex, and Euphoric Recall


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