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You can enter the cycle anywher

coming up against a trigger, having

thoughts feelings.

about using or cravings, experiencing negative thoughts or As these feelings pile up, you may start thinking about using. If

you let use, or

thoughts of using continue, one of two things will you will begin to have euphoric recall, which in turn

happen: will lead

you will to use.

Notice, however, that you can make a choice at each step in the cycl either continue in the cycle or use thought­stopping or another coping strategy and exit the cycle. If you choose to remain in the cycle for a long period of time, you will eventually become exhausted (sapped of energy and/or finances) and that will push you out of the cycle.

Thought­stopping not only stops the relapse cycle, but helps create and reinforce positive feelings and thoughts about yourself, your future, and important others in your life.

Positive Thoughts such as:


I will have fewer health problem

I am no longer destroying my body and compromising my immune system

I am moving forward and making positive changes in my life.


I wo

have to go through these cycles of euphoria and

depression anymore

I can learn how to enjoy sex without crystal and have true

intimacy again.


I can build or regain a circle of friends who do

use cryst

Thought­stopping works best when you practice it before you find yourself in a risky situation. Think about the events or feelings that pull you toward risky sexual behavior or to crystal use (for example, going to a particular club, or seeing a friend who is also your dealer). Practice thought­stopping using the exercise below.

Session 14: Drugs, Sex, and Euphoric Recall


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