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Session 15: Talking Crystal, Talking Recovery

All of us need to have people with whom we can share important things and from whom we receive support from day to day. However, many things can get in the way of reaching out to people who are in our lives for that kind of sharing and support. Important aspects of our lives may be hard to share because we feel embarrassed or ashamed of them, or we might be afraid of being judged by others and possibly losing relationships if we are truthful about those matters.

We may fear that non­using friends would judge our crystal use and crystal­ using friends would judge our entry into treatment and recovery. To imagine sharing details of our sexual behavior with those close to us might feel very scary. The split between the life we have led and the life we want to lead is played out in how information is shared or compartmentalized among the various people in our lives.

Sharing this information may mean exposing ourselves to others' potential judgments; but even when people do not respond in a negative, judgmental fashion, sharing can leave us feeling vulnerable. That is because we can no longer hide or mask that side of ourselves in the same way from people who are close to us.

In addition, this means asking friends to hear us out about some difficult and scary issues: crystal use, sexual risk­taking, HIV, loss, health issues, etc. We may worry about asking for too much from our friends, overwhelming them with our problems, especially in a world where we all have our share of difficulties. It is important, however, to not allow these worries to get in our way and become justifications for continuing to keep secrets.

The following exercise will help you examine the topics that you feel safe in sharing with various people in your life. It will help you choose which people or topics you may need to focus on in order to have more truthful and meaningful conversations.

Session 15: Talking Crystal, Talking Recovery


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