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Session 1: Calendars and Dots Around the Clock

People with drug dependence often feel their behavior is out of contr Over time, this can lead to feelings of hopelessness about ever changing their behavior. However, change begins with a single step. Simply noticing your behavior can lead to changes in how you behave. In this session, we will start to work on noticing patterns of behavior.

Did you know?

Noticing what you do leads to changes in what you do.

On the next page is a calendar for a week. Think about the last time that you used crystal. Write in the date(s) for the day(s) of the week in which this occurred. This exercise is to provide an example for how to fill in the calendarsÍž if you don remember the exact date(s), just number the day(s) from 1 to 7. Complete the calendar as follows:

1. Starting with the first day of this week, place a dot on any day that you did not use any crystal.

2. On each of the days that you did use during this week, write in the substance or substances that you used (for example, alcohol, crystal,

poppers). 3. Think about what was going on that day

. What events or activities

may have triggered you to use (examples include going to the gym, visiting a family member, engaging in sex work, Gay Pride, Halloween, circuit parties)?

4. On which of the days did you have sex? Write this in your calendar, including who your partner was and where the activity occurred. See if there is a connection between your crystal use and sexual behaviors.

Session 1: Calendars and Dots Around the Clock


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