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Session 17: Preventing Relapse

Often a person decides not to use crystal anymore, but he ends up using again. How does that happen? Is there a way of avoiding the relapse?

Relapse justification is the story your "addicted brain" uses to explain a relapse. If a decision has been made to stop using but the addiction still has strength, the game gets tricky. The addicted part of the brain invents excuses that move the addict close to relapse situations so that "accidents" can and do happen. The situation seems unrelated to substance use, but suddenly using seems logical and relapse occurs.

A similar process can occur with high­risk sexual behaviors. You may have become so used to the intensity of certain sexual experiences or your sexual behavior may be so connected with your crystal use that you find justifications for returning to high­risk sex. In fact, for many people, a relapse to crystal use often leads to a return to high­risk sexual behaviors. Likewise, being in certain sexual situations can lead to crystal relapse.

You can learn to spot these justifications. The sooner you can see them for what they are and interrupt the process, the better chance you have of not using crystal or engaging in dangerous sexual behaviors. The following will help you identify justifications your brain might use. Add any you can think

of that aren

sted here.

Relapse Justification: "Accidents"

Does your brain ever try to convince you that you have no choice but to use or to have high­risk sex when you stumble on an unexpected situation? Have you ever said to yourself:

  • 1.

    It was offered to me and I was embarrassed to say no.

  • 2.

    I was cleaning my house and found drugs I'd forgotten about.

  • 3.

    This guy that I've wanted forever came over and he was just too hot to think about using a condom.

Session 17: Preventing Relapse


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