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Session 18: Relapse Analysis

Relapse is not automatic, but a relapse can occur either with drug use or risky sex. And no matter which comes first, if a relapse happens, it is important to figure out what was going on at the time. By doing this, you can change how you will respond the next time you face that situation and avoid future relapse. The relapse analysis chart on the next page can be used to help you zero in on the causes of relapse.

If you have relapsed, use this exercise to help you understand your last relapse. If you haven t relapsed, use this exercise to help you understand your cravings and triggers. Look at events over the 1­ to 4­week period preceding your relapse or craving. Note every change or event that stressed you out, even if it doesn't seem relevant. Things to include are:

  • 1.

    Money Events ­ Events or changes in a job or other activities you do to get money.

  • 2.

    Personal Events ­ Events or changes in relationships with family or friends. Conflict with a lover/sex partner or difficulty finding satisfying sexual interactions. Going to a sex club or becoming involved in a group sex situation. Turning a trick. Running into an old boyfriend or breaking up with a boyfriend. Also included in this category are other events or situations that are unrelated to any other category.

  • 3.

    Treatment Events ­ Events or changes in your regular treatment plan, such as coming to the end of participation in this group. Remember that even positive things such as beginning treatment or seeking additional support may be stressful because they make you face your problems.

  • 4.

    Crystal­Related Venues ­ Venues that are directly related to crystal consumption (for example, bars, sex clubs or a circuit party, visiting a dealer, cruising spots). Were you at any of these places?

  • 5.

    Using Behaviors ­ New or resumed behaviors that are part of addiction (for example: lying, stealing, behaving compulsively, and isolating).

  • 6.

    Relapse Justifications ­ Thoughts that make using or high­risk sex

Session 18: Relapse Analysis


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