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Feeling Your Feelings

One thing that can make understanding and dealing with emotions even more confusing is that they often come all lumped together and mixed up. This is particularly true for addicts in early recovery. Emotions often begin to surface as your brain recovers from crystal, and it can seem very overwhelming because you may not even be able to identify what you re feeling. You may feel sad and angry or scared and lonely or you may have conflicting emotions such as feeling happy and scared at the same time.

To make things even more complicated, emotions come from many different sources. Emotions can come from:

External events (a birthday party, the death of a friend). Internal messages (feeling worthless or lonely). Physiological causes (side effects of medications, the crash after a

crystal run, having a depressive or anxiety disorder, or being in The


age of recovery).

These emotions can be very strong. While it is important to be aware of them, there are ways to effectively cope with them and prevent them from triggering a relapse.

Coping with Feelings

Many of us have learned unhealthy ways of dealing with feelings. Boys in our culture receive some pretty strong messages about what it means to be a man (such as: boys don cry, men are strong and showing feelings other

than anger means w

e weak). Because of this, we often deal with feelings

Session 19: What About These Feelings?


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