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TheWorld Championship of Soccer The Greatest Sport Event in the World

by Orazio Z.


I must confess it. As many soccer aficio- nados, yes, I watched virtually all the games on television. In principle, I get easily hooked up to TV by important soccer events, as the European Champions League. But the world series monopolized my attention entirely.

As any soccer fan knows, every four years the soccer world is mobilized “in toto.” Not many years ago we could follow the games only on radio, which broadcast only a few games of the entire world championship. These days we can tune to any TV station, even foreign ones, and watch the games. Oh, the progress! Now large crowds can follow the games on giant screens in public squares all over the world.

The games this year were played in South Africa. Many of us were disappointed by the failure of teams that, in the anticipa- tion of many experts, would reach the finals. The worst disappointment were Brazil and Argentina. They were eliminated by teams like Germany (Argentina) and by Holland (Brazil). Nonetheless, we enjoyed the spectacular playing skills of Ronaldo, Messi, Macon, et al., too many to mention. Overall, it was quite an experience and enjoyment this year.

South Africa was a great host to the many thousands who came from all over the world. Bravo.

Here is a summary of the games, from the very start. And we start from the first eight groups, from A to H. Group A - The qualifying two teams were: Uruguay and Mexico. Losers: South Africa and France. Group B - Qualifying teams: Argentina and South Korea. The losers: Greece and Nigeria. Group C - Qualifying teams: United States and England. Losers: Slovenia and Algeria. Group D - Qualifying teams: Germany and Ghana. Losers: Australia and Serbia. Group E - Qualifying teams: Holland and Japan. Losers: Denmark and Cameron Group F - Qualifying: Paraguay and Slovakia. Losers: New Zealand and Italy. Group G - Qualifying: Brazil and Portugal. Losers: Ivory Coast and North Korea.

Group H - Qualifying: Chile and Spain. Losers: Switzerland and Honduras.

The second ‘knock-out’ round produced the following winners: Uruguay (defeated South Korea by the score 2-1). Ghana (defeated USA by the score 2-1) Germany (defeated England by the score 4-1) Argentina (defeated Mexico by the score 4-1) Holland (defeated Slovakia by the score 2-1) Brazil (defeated Chile by the score 3-0) Paraguay (defeated Japan by the score 5-3) Spain (defeated Portugal by the score 1-0)

The winners of the second round will play in the quarter finals. Here are the winners: Holland (defeated Slovakia by the score 2-1) Uruguay (defeated South Korea by the score 2-1) Ghana (defeated the USA by the score 2-1) Germany (defeated England by the score 4-1) Argentina (defeated Mexico by the score 3-1) Brazil (defeated Chile by the score 3-0) Paraguay (defeated Japan by the score 5-3) Spain (defeated Portugal by the score 1-0)

The quarter finals were played. These were the results, and the winners: Holland (defeated Brazil by the score 2-1) Uruguay (defeated Ghana by the score 5-3) Germany (defeated Argentina by the score 4-0) Spain (defeated Paraguay by the score 1-0) The semifinals produced the following: Holland 3-2 Uruguay Spain 2-0 Germany The winners played for the championship, the others for the third place. Germany defeated Uruguay 2-1 (Germany won third place) Spain defeated Holland 1-0. Spain: the new world champion.

The final game was played at the new stadium of Johannesburg (89,000 seats) on July 11, 2010

We hope we have offered something to our sport fans. Nevertheless, we urge any sports- minded individual to let us know how well we have served our readers. Write to us.

The East Boston Columbus Day Parade Committee


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LITTLE BIG TOWN — THE REASON WHY Capitol Nashville It all starts with Little Big Town’s trademark harmony on the title track, The Rea- son Why, and their country rock sound is a thing of beauty. Karen, Kimberly, Wayne and Jimi create the tight harmony that has re- sulted in LBT selling over a million records and earning three Grammy nominations. Little Big Town’s album that carries a dozen tracks, each of which has the ability to be a hit single. LBT’s current single, “Little White Church” is already climbing the charts. Additional ‘winners’ include the chugging “Run- away Train,” the tender “Kiss Goodbye,” followed by the pow- erful, get-inside-your-head “Shut Up Train,” the sassy “Why Oh Why,” and the ballad “You Can’t Have Everything.” LBT uses their music to show life with all of its ups and downs, and the message is clear: That is life! The excit- ing “All The Way Down” main- tains the pace, plus the me- lodic “All Over Again,” the haunting “Rain on a Tin Roof,” living for the moment via “Life Rolls On,” and the philo- sophical “Lean Into It,” puts the finishing touches on an album that will garner Little Big Town many more awards! 2001 MANIACS: FIELD OF SCREAMS — SOUNDTRACK

BuySoundtrax 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams is a maniacal film with a soundtrack to match. Boasting 50 tracks, you will be subjected to the twangy, country music from the film’s stars Ahmed Best & Clifford Allen Wagner with cuts as the banjo-driven, bluegrass- flavored, “The South’s Gonna Rise Again,” “Rot In Hell,” “Hey, Hey, Howdy, Howdy, Hey,” “Fun, Games and Feastin’,” and “Building From the Ground Up.” The dyna- mite dance cut “Nottie Hottie” pounds, thanks to Me and My Friends (featuring Eliza- beth Couchon), the tasty “All Up in My Candy” from Sean Avolio, the dark drone of “All Fall Down” is Shawn Mars, plus Sweet Cyanides’ poison- ous “S.L.M. (Suicide Love Machine),” as Psycho Charger delivers the heavy pair of “Redneck Zombies” and “The South Will Rise.” Kyle Justin raps his tongue around “FaceBook SuperStar,” trailed by Deanna DellaCioppa’s questioning “Do You Wanna Be My Girlfriend?” with The United Snakes’ biting “Scream Queen” and end with Spider Mountain’s “Lord Let Me Help You Decide.” Lunacy and mayhem with Patrick Copeland’s score.

CAMP ROCK 2: THE FINAL JAM Disney Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers are featured on “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam” soundtrack, the sequel to “Camp Rock.” With 15 all-new songs from the film, along with three bonus songs, the track celebrates music, dance and the freedom of

summer. Lovato is spot- lighted on tracks “Brand New Day,” “Can’t Back Down,” and “It’s On.” Joe Jonas duets with Demi on “Wouldn’t Change a Thing” and “You’re My Favorite Song.” Lovato joins Joe and Nick for “What We Came Here For,” and “This is Our Song.” The Jonases serve up “Heart and Soul,” and Nick solos on “Introducing Me.” Lovato bo- nuses have “Different Sum- mers” and “It’s Not Too Late.” The tremendous success of the 2008 original “Camp Rock” blockbuster Disney Channel Original Movie made Lovato into a “global star.” Pairing her with the multi-platinum-selling Jonas Brothers was a “no-brainer”!

BENNY SHARONI — ETERNAL ELIXIR Papaya Tenor saxophonist Benny Sharoni and his quartet recently performed at Chianti Café in Beverly. If you didn’t catch them “live,” you can hear what you missed with this excellent album. Shar- oni’s vitality is evident on cuts including the energetic, “Bernstein,” the easy groove of Donald Byrd’s “French Spice,” the haunting “Estate,” the hot Latin-flavored cover of Bobby Hebb’s hit “Sunny,” and hits the halfway mark with another Byrd cover “Pente- costal Feelin’” done with a great beat. Sharoni’s inti- mate composition “Benito’s Bossa Bonita,” sways with Brazilian rhythm, along with the swinging “To Life,” as Benny serves up the easy to digest “Cakes,” plus the percussive gem titled “The Thing to Do,” ending it all with “Senor Papaya,” which he wrote and dedicated to his father. Non-stop enjoyment!

JOEY+RORY — ALBUM NUMBER TWO Sugar Hill From the stage of CMT’s “Can You Duet Season 1,” husband and wife duo Joey+Rory recorded “Cheater Cheater,” and it was on to the country music stage and earning nominations for sev- eral awards. The sequel to all that is ‘Album Number Two,’ their sophomore release. Their dozen songs shine in a number of ways, they open with the humor of “Album Number Two,” the down- to-earth strains of “That’s Important to Me,” the coun- try credo “All You Need Is Me,” the romantic lyrics of “Born To Be Your Woman” has Joey at the top of her game, plus the bluegrass-driven “Baby I’ll Come Back To You,” hitting the halfway mark with “God Help My Man,” and the pain of a cheating part- ner. The duo touches on the spirited energy of “The Horse Nobody Could Ride,” of fame via “Farm to Fame,” on faith with “Where Jesus Is,” wind- ing down with “You Ain’t Right” and the powerful “My Ol’ Man.” The final track and the album’s first single, penned by Rory and Zac, “This Song’s For You,” performed with the Zac Brown Band. An outstand- ing follow-up album!

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