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Due to his increasing popularity and several suggestions from readers (and after much negotiating on our part with his huge salary demands), our friend Freeway has consented to try to answer readers’ questions concerning him or any of our little four-legged friends. You can email your questions to postgazette@aol.com to the attention of Freeway. Don’t forget folks, Freeway is not a vet, so please keep the questions light-hearted! Thanks.

It has been one heck of a summer. You couldn’t ask for more, the weather has been beautiful, warm and sunny. I can’t believe after this

weekend the



over. Talking



feast, my human companion had taken me for a short walk during the Fisher- man’s Feast and she stopped at La Summa Restaurant on Fleet Street, and noticed the tables and chairs with the

umbrellas grass and



and the green

the white





like being in the country. La Summa Restaurant is defined with elegance. The dishes are well prepared and cooked to order, the ser- vice is great and you always feel welcome. There are many restaurants in the North End and they are all good. La Summa, I have to say holds the atmosphere for the best family restaurant in the North End. As my human companion would say the smell of garlic and the Ital- ian sauce can’t be beat. The North End is just a wonderful place to eat and live. Wouldn’t it be great if all my pooch friends could eat in these wonderful restaurants? I’ll have one meatball please! And a side of pasta no pars- ley, you know that green stuff you put all over the plate for decoration. We only have two more feasts left: St. Anthony and of course St. Lucy. That’s my favorite because I am the

only pooch that does chapel duty. I have my own St. Lucy polo shirt and I sit with the girls and keep them company because it’s my job to pro- tect them. Come by if you’re in the area and buy some raffle tickets and pin a few dollars on St. Lucy. All dona- tions go to a good cause. St. Lucy is the saint for the eyes.

That’s all for now … keep cool and remember “PICK UP AFTER YOUR PET”

Saint Augustine

by Bennett

Molinari and Richard Molinari

The feast of Saint August- ine, Bishop and Doctor of the Church, Patron of Theolo- gians, is celebrated on August 28. Augustine was born at Tagaste (modern Algeria) on November 13, 354. His father Patricius was a pagan, his mother Monica was Christian, she at length was instrumental in the conversion of her husband who died in 371. Augustine received a Christian educa- tion and although his mother intended him to be baptized he put off receiving the sacrament and em- braced many of the appalling customs of the times.

Patricius, proud of his son’s success in the schools of Tagaste determined to send him to Carthage to prepare for higher education. Augus- tine reached Carthage to- wards the end of the year 370, Carthage was a city largely pagan and unfor- tunately, his faith, as well as his morals, was to pass though a terrible crisis. In 373, Augustine and his friend Honoratus fell into the snares of the Manicheans

heresy, Persian

proclaimed by the



Augustine himself tells us that he was enticed by the heresy and its promises of a free philosophy unbridled by faith; by the boasts of the Mani-cheans and, above all, by the hope of finding in their doctrine a scientific explanation of nature and its most mysterious phenom- ena. Augustine’s inquiring mind was enthusiastic for the natural sciences, and the Manicheans.

Sometime later, Augustine took up his residence at Carthage, where for nine years he had his own school of rhetoric and grammar. He then applied for and received a post of master of rhetoric

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Augustave M. Sabia, Jr. Frederick J. Wobrock

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in Milan. It was in Milan through the prayers of his mother Monica, who followed him to Italy as well as in- structions from the learned Saint Ambrose whose ser- mons and depth of learning impressed him greatly, that Augustine abandoned the Manichean sect and was converted to Christianity. He was baptized by Saint Ambrose on Easter Eve 387.

It was on his return to Af- rica that Augustine lost his mother who fell sick passing away at Ostia, Italy in 387. Augustine arrived at Carthage in 388 and settled in Tagaste where he began to live in community with some of his friends. He was ordained a priest in 390 and moved to Hippo where he es- tablished another commu- nity. Five years later he was consecrated Bishop succeed- ing Valerius as Bishop of Hippo the following year.

Augustine, as Bishop, was in ceaseless activity. He preached to his people and wrote voluminous woks that have received acclaim for their scholarship through the ages. His humility prompted him to write his “Confessions” about the year 397 from which we get a de- tailed account of his early

years. Augustine



staunch defender of the Faith, he preached and wrote against the Manicheans, Donatists, Pelagians and other heresies of his time. Shortly before his death the Vandals under Genseric in- vaded Africa and Augustine witnessed the desolation and destruction that followed in their tracks. It was early in the siege of Hippo by the Vandals that Augustine was stricken with a fatal illness passing away at the age of 76 on August 28, 430.

by Mary N. DiZazzo

Condition Your Eyelashes, Not Only Your Hair

Ciao bella,

A few years back I was noticing everyone’s eye- lashes. Probably because mine didn’t look as long as they used to be. So first I tried the one-piece fake lashes, from Mac brand to Duane Reade (a New York City “CVS” except better for make-up).

Trying to glue those babies on was quite a task. Thanks goodness eyelash glue is very forgiving! Practice and experience seemed to be the key in mastering this procedure.

They were really beautiful. But I still felt like I had a quar- ter weighing on each eyelid!

Then there were the indi- vidual lashes. I needed a tweezer and small scissors to apply because you can cut them to your desired length without much error — not like the one-piece lashes. I patiently sat at my vanity and tried my creative hand at it. The “individuals” were easier to apply and looked lovely. Unfortunately the only time I wore the individuals it was wasted on a “girls night out” and not fluttering at some- where someone is seen!

It was a worthwhile try. So being the catalogue shopping queen I found an “eyelash conditioner.” I applied it once in the morning and once at

night. Stroking my babies with a mascara brush dipped into a clear gel on top and bottom lashes. After just a couple of weeks I saw a big difference. It was worth the

effort. Lately,




vibrating wand mascara by Maybelline and I truly believe that from the stimulation on the lashes it has promoted lash growth.

TIP: always remove your mascara before bed to prevent lash breakage.

So if you see that your lashes and brows are looking sparse try the next NEW lash conditioner (most are sold over the counter but you might want to try a prescrip- tion one for a more serious problem). You’ll have flutter- ing peepers again before you know it!

Buona giornata, and God bless the United States of America!

  • Mary N.


Read prior weeks’ “All That Zazz” columns at www.mary 4nails.com. Mary is a third- generation cosmetologist and a Massachusetts distributor of Kosmea brand rose hip oil products. She may be con- tacted at (978) 470-8183 or mary@mary4nails.com.

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