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The basic ingredients and the additives must be marked with either their group or specific names except when the responsible authority has required that the specific name either of the basic ingredient or of the additive be used or when it has required some other identifying label concerning either the basic ingredients or the additives.

The group names for the basic ingredients and the additives shall be as follows:

Basic ingredients

-animal fats and oils

-vegetable fats and oils (if the fat is hardened, it shall be so stated)

-starches (except for modified starches)


-vegetable protein

-animal protein






-anti foaming agents-anti caking agents

-anti oxidants-bleaching agents

-food colorings-emulsifiers

-flavor and odor additives-ripening agents


-thickeners (including modified starches)-acidifiers

-gelling agents-whipping agents

-clarifying agents-leavening agents


-flavor enhancers-enzymes

-non-nutrient sweeteners-solvent residues

Food Additives Importation Guidance

In order to get a permit for the import food  additives to Israel, the following documentation is required, in accordance with the Food Additive Regulation from 5/18/97:

1. Confirmation submitted by an approved authority that the production plant is under inspection.

2. Free Sale Certificate, submitted by an approved authority.

3. A Confirmation that the manufacturer is producing under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).  Confirmation will be accepted only if submitted by an approved authority, or by an independent body that was approved by the Israeli Food Control Service (FCS) to submit GMP certificates.

4. Content - A certificate from the manufacturer listing the content of the capsule, including botanical names of the plants.

5. Analysis results - A document from an authorized laboratory, signed by the test executer, detailing the analysis results.  In addition, microbiological test should be executed for the following products; food additives made of vegetative raw materials (leaves, dried plants and powders), plant extracts and food additives that include microorganisms.

6. Original label of the product.

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