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For Full List of Israeli food standards see Annex 4.

G.  Copyright/trademark Laws


Any proprietor of a trademark used, or proposed to be used in Israel, may apply for registration of the mark.  Collective marks and certification marks are also entitled to registration.  Application may be made by the owner of the mark or by the owner’s agent.  The agent must work in Israel and must present written authorization by the owner.

All applicants must present a local address for correspondence and contact, so that the Government of Israel generally advises foreign trademark owners to engage a local attorney to file their applications.  The fee for a trademark application changes from time to time. At present it is approximately $175. The term of protection for a trademark is seven years.  This may be renewed indefinitely for periods of 14 years on payment of fees.

Case law in Israel gives priority of registration to the first local user of the trademark.  Every application for trademark registration must specify goods falling in one class only, according to the International Classification of Goods and Services (ICGS). Under the terms of the Paris Convention, one who has made an application to register a trade or service mark in another signatory country has a right to claim priority for registration of the same mark in Israel for the same use. An application for registration of the trademark claiming such priority must be made within six months from the date of the first application in a Convention country.  A draft unfair competition law has been submitted for consideration. It contains a substantial section on trade secrets which aims to clarify ambiguities governing trade secrets as well as addressing appropriate remedies for their breech.


Injunction relief, damages and forfeiture or destruction of the competing wares, are all available remedies under Israeli civil law.  Criminal sanctions include imprisonment for up to a year and a fine of the local currency equivalent of close to $5,000.

The Israel Patent and Trade Mark Office can supply information to interested parties on patents, registered designs and trademarks. Contact: Israel Patent and Trade Mark Office, P.O.Box 354, 91002, Jerusalem, Israel.

Need for a Local Attorney

United States companies should seek professional legal and/or accountancy advice whenever engaged in complicated contractual arrangements in Israel.  Companies, who wish to establish an office, invest, or apply for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) registration in Israel, should seek professional legal advice. Companies may also wish to seek legal assistance when encountering trade or payment problems.  A list of local law firms is available from the Consular Section of the United States Embassy, Tel Aviv.

H. Import Procedure

See detailed procedures and requirements for food importation in Annex 4.

New procedures for food import were published recently.  Imported products were divided into two groups - regular and non-regular products. (see Annex 2 and 3)

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