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identity number to be stamped on all invoices. The approval is valid for six months after which the exporter should receive an automatic extension from Israel Customs. Exporters who do not receive an automatic extension from Israel Custom, must terminate use of the approval.

5. Compliance Procedures for Approved Exporters

a) The “Approved Exporter” should stamp the invoice with the firm’s identity number and add the following declaration:

“The undersigned hereby declares that the goods listed in this invoice were prepared in the United States of America and they comply with the origin requirements specified for those goods in the United States - Israel Free Trade Area Agreement for goods exported to Israel.”

b) Invoices involving mixed goods: Separate invoices must be prepared for goods which do not comply with origin requirements and/or for which approval to operate as an “Approved Exporter” has not been granted.

J.  Import Requirement for Dairy Products

All milk products and their substitutes are within the non-regular products group (see

annex 3). See annex 16 for import milk requirement.

Contact: Mr. Eli Gordon, milk specialist, Food & Nutrition Services, Tel: 972-3-6270100, Ext 136.

K. Preserved Meat Products

Import requirements for the imports of preserved meat products are detailed below.

The further documents should be submitted when applied for an import license:

1. Kosher certificate from the Chief Rabbinate of the State of Israel (excluding imports to the Palestinian Authority).

2.  Product Composition

3. Test results: Net weight

Water percentage

Fat percentage

Protein percentage

Vacuum test

4.  Preservative content

5.  Incubation test for 7 days 55C and 14 days 35C.

6.  Product code and explanation to the code.

7.   LACFC document for each size of package, filled up by the producer.

8.  Origin Certificate of the meat.

9.  An approval that the slaughterhouse is inspected by an authorized authority.

10. Veterinary Health Certificate that also refers to residuals and heavy metals.

11. Additional requirements from Preserved Beef:


Veterinary Health Certificate proving that the product is manufactured of cattle free of BSE.


Approval as for the age of the slaughtered cattle.

L.  Import of Wine and Alcoholic Beverages

See detailed regulations and requirements in Annex 15.

Note: Appendix 2 of Annex 15 details the laboratory tests needed, prior to submittance of import license.

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