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a.  Where the product name indicates a vitamin or mineral, e.g. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, the product may be imported through the Pharmaceutical Department of the Ministry of Health.

b.  A food product with added vitamins and/or minerals in Quantities of up to 2 RDA is considered a food product.

e.g. beer yeast - Vitamin B1 (3 mg Vitamin B1).

  Quantity of Vitamin B1 - 1.5 mg - 1 RDA, 2 RDA - 3 mg.

A product such as rose hip or fish liver, for which no vitamin or quantity is indicated, is regarded as a food product.

c. A list of admissible herbs is available from the Food Control Administration.  Israeli standards may be obtained from the Standards Institution, 42 Haim Levanon St., Tel Aviv,

Tel: 972-3- 646-5154.  Regulations and orders may be obtained from stores selling legal publications.

No therapeutic properties should be attributed to food products.

No descriptive phrases should be indicated on the product e.g.: "pure," "high quality," etc.

4. When submitting an application requesting authorization to import food products, the

importer or his representative must fill in an application form (sample attached) in duplicate.

A separate application form must be filled in for each food product or identical group of products.  

The purpose of the form is to allow follow-up of the import licensing procedure, as well as to ensure that all the requirements that apply to the importer have been met, including payment for the license.

The importer must attach a confirmation of payment when sending his application.

Payment is charged for each product.

Payment is at present $80 U.S. and is adjusted twice a year in accordance with the rise in the Consumers Price Index.

Payment must be made through the Postal Bank only, according to the following details:

Postal Bank account number: 0-03807-9.

Name of account: Ministry of Health, Food Control Administration, Jerusalem.

Import licenses that have lapsed must also be renewed only through the post, as stated above.  The original payment slip and application form.  This is continent on the food products for which the lapsed authorization was granted, not having undergone any change.


The importer must submit the following documents to the quarantine station of the Ministry of Health in order to clear an imported food product:

a.  Food import license, including all annexes, registered with the Food Control Administration.

b.  Supplier’s invoice.

c.  Customs entry form.

d.  Results of laboratory analysis.

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