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Appendix A (Section 3 of the Circular)

Laws Applying to the Import of Intoxicating Beverages1

  A.Israeli Legislation

1.National Health Ordinance (Food), 1935.

2.National Health Regulations (Food) (Coloring in Food), 1984.

3.Consumer Protection Law, 1981.

4.Consumer Protection Ordinance (Marking and Packaging of Food Products), 1999.

5.Standards Law, 1953, and Israel Standards IS 1318 – Wine, IS 407 – Beer,  IS 309 – Ethyl Alcohol, or IS 1572 Part 1 – Alcoholic Beverages – Definitions, Descriptions and Marking.

6.Intoxicating Beverages Ordinance (Manufacture and Sale) [New Version].

7.Intoxicating Beverages Regulations.

8.Control of Products and Services Law, 1957.

9.Merchandise Marking Ordinance.

10.Import and Export Ordinance [New Version], 1979.

11.Free Import Order, 1978.

B.International Rules and Standards

1.The requirements of the Codex alimentarius.

2.Food Chemical Codex.

3.British Pharmacopoeia.

4.EEC Council Regulations No. 1576/89 – 1989, published in the Official Journal of European Communities No. L - 160 dated June 12, 1989, as these shall be in force from time to time, and other regulations and guidelines issued by the European Union with regard to intoxicating beverages.

5.Recueil des méthodes internationales d’analyse des vins et des moûts, Complément n 1 à l’édition officielle de juin 1990, Office International de la Vigne et du Vin.

6.Laws and circulars issued by the United States Department of the Treasury, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

7.Laws, regulations, standards, quality requirements, and other legal provisions of the country of manufacture.

8.Other requirements of any institution which has been recognized by the Director-General of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

1 We would like to clarify that the list of binding laws and rules is not a closed list. The Approved Laboratory must determine that the Intoxicating Beverage complies with all of the binding laws and rules, even if they do not appear in this Appendix. Thus, for example, amendments of laws and regulations which are published following the date of publication of this procedure shall be binding even if they were not yet updated in this Appendix.

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