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15.Fixed acidity expressed as wine acid (in grams per liter)

16.Tartaric acid (in grams per liter)

17.Malic acid (in grams per liter)

18.Citric acid (in grams per liter)

20.Sulfur dioxide, total (in grams per liter)

21.Sulfates expressed as (in grams per liter)

22.Glycerol (in grams per liter)

23.2-3 butylene glycol (in grams per liter)

24.Preservatives:Benzoic acid (in grams per liter)

25.Sorbic acid (in grams per liter)

26.Ascorbic acid (in grams per liter)

27.Presence of whitener (Malvidin Diglucozide)

28.Precipitate index

29.Organoleptic test

30.Ash (in grams per liter)

31.Alkalinity of ash (in meq/L)

32.Potassium (in grams per liter)

33.Phosphorus expressed as (in grams per liter)

34.Analytic formula: dry alcohol (2) / reduced dry extract (13)

35.Total sugar

Polarization of polarimetric plane

36.Revlaine coefficient

37.Alcohol in % by volume (1) – fixed acidity (18)

38.Ash (30) / alkalinity (31)

39.Fixed acidity (18) / alcohol in % by volume (1)

40.Residual dry extract (in grams per liter)

Procedure for Importation of Wine

Import Department, Chief rabbinate of Israel

The Chief Rabbinate of Israel has published an official procedure or set of principles as a guide to the perplexed importer who seeks to import kosher wine into Israel. The guide, as set out in this publicly available document, provides a striking example of the Chief Rabbinate’s expertise in setting up technical barriers to trade (TBT). Careful examination of the implications of these instructions produces the inevitable conclusion that it is only possible to import wine from wineries which exclusively produce kosher products.  

Following is an unofficial translation of the Chief Rabbinate’s guidelines.


Production of kosher wine requires expertise and careful supervision of both the production process and any auxiliary ingredients employed in the process. Accordingly it has become necessary to introduce specific kashrut procedures to be followed by importers of wine to Israel.

UNCLASSIFIEDUSDA Foreign Agricultural Service

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