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of foods, the requirements of the special Standard or of the group Standard shall take precedence.

All labels shall be accurate and not misleading and shall be capable of proof.

The label of the product shall not give indication of medicinal properties attributed to the food nor shall it state that the product’s use is likely to heal or prevent illness. However, see the section on nutritional labeling in Section F for special references to certain types of food.

Mandatory labeling information must be in Hebrew: such writing may be repeated in a foreign language provided that it includes all the required information and that it is identical in content to the Hebrew.

The size of the Hebrew letters and numbers on the label must be at least as large as indicated in Table 1 below. The size of the letters in the other language must not be larger than the size of the Hebrew letters. The size of the letters of the trade name shall not be larger than three times the size of the letters of the name of the food.

Food, which can be marketed in a number of forms, which are of significance to the consumer, shall be appropriately labeled: whole, sliced, crushed, segments, cubes, etc.  The size of the letters of this labeling shall be at least half the size of that of the letters in the name of the product.

The Name of the Food

The label shall include the name of the food. If there are several words in the name of the food, all these words shall be written in the same size and with the same emphasis.

If there is a special Standard for the product, the name of the food shall be that name which appears in the special Standard.

In addition to the name of the food, it is permissible to also add a trade name. The size of Hebrew lettering required on labels, see Annex 6.

The Name of the Manufacturer, Importer, Marketer, and Packer

The label shall include a clear indication of the name of the manufacturer and his address.  Alternatively, instead of indicating his name, the manufacturer may indicate in addition to his address, his registered trademark for the product, which he produces, on condition that the trademark includes letters and does not mislead concerning the nature of the product.

The labeling of an imported product, which is marketed in its original package, shall also include the name of the importer and his address.

It is permitted to indicate on the food the name and address of some other person instead of the name and address of the manufacturer of the food if that other person has taken all the necessary measures to ensure compliance with all the regulations relating to manufacture of the food, including constant control of the production, packaging, weighing, labeling, marketing, transport, and storage of the product. If the name of a person other than the manufacturer is indicated, the name of the manufacturer shall be noted in code.

Producer Country

Imported food shall be labeled with the name of the producer country.  It is permitted not to indicate the producer country of imported products, which are used in the manufacture of food in Israel. For purposes of this paragraph, if only the packaging is changed, it will not be

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