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In addition to the problems, which occur in the course of production, it is evident that lacunae also exist in the marketing of imported wine. These require the development of a clear-cut and uniform procedure for all importers and wineries.  

A.  The Import Department will not license importation of wine in bulk.

B.  An importer of kosher wine must produce the following documents, in addition to completing the special application form for requesting permission to import (kosher wine T.F.).

1.  Copies of all labels of the winery which are used outside of Israel for nonkosher


2.  Copies of the proposed labels for the kosher wine.  

3.  A kashrut certificate from abroad, from the supervising rabbi, indicating:

filling dates; ingredient list and auxiliary materials used in the manufacture of the wine; description of the manufacturing process; a declaration by the kashrut supervisor that he has sole responsibility for the labels.

C.  The brand name and name of the kosher wine ("the line") will under no circumstances be the same as that of the nonkosher labels.  Decisions on this issue are at the sole discretion of the Import Department.

D.  The Import Department will not issue import permits for kosher wine to an importer who also imports or markets nonkosher wine.

E.  An importer of kosher wine will confirm that he does not store kosher and nonkosher wines in the same warehouse.  

F.  The importer of kosher wine will undertake to refrain from advertising kosher and nonkosher wines together.

Note: An importer who, for whatever reason, imports kosher wine without the direction and instruction of the Import Department, will bear the consequences of having his application rejected. Therefore, it is necessary to apply to the Import Department before contracting to import wine. The Chief Rabbinate can provide a list of kashrut supervision bodies and of rabbis who specialize in the production of kosher wine. We note here that in spite of their specialization, the Import Department will approve the wine only if it is certain that the supervisors acted according to the kashrut procedures of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and according to the procedure shown above.

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