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considered as manufacture.


Labeling shall include the net content of the food in the package, by weight or by volume.

The content of liquid food shall be indicated in units of volume:

- Milliliters (ml) for a product containing less than 1000 ml;

- liters for a product containing 1000 ml or more.

The content of solid, semi-solid, or viscous food shall be designated by weight:

- grams (gr) for a product containing less than 1000 grams;

- kilograms (kg) for a product containing 1000 grams or more.

The net content of a product packed in aerosol containers shall be marked in units of weight when the product is in a semi-solid or powdered state or marked in units of volume when the product is liquid.

It is prohibited to add alongside the units of volume or weight any adjective, which is likely to be misleading.

The content of food packed in liquid shall be indicated in units of weight and will state the content after draining as well as the net weight.  When indicating the content after draining, the words “weight after draining...” shall be included.

On the composite package the number of units inside shall be marked as well as the net content of each packaged unit and the total net content.

For a product, which is liable to lose weight in regular commercial or marketing conditions due to storage or display for sale, the expected lesser content shall be indicated.

Ingredients and Food Additives

The contents shall be indicated for all ingredients, including water in descending order according to their relative weight in the food except for the following foods:

For dry food, which is to be reconstituted by the addition of water, it is permissible to indicate the ingredients in descending order of their relative content in the reconstituted product if the words “ingredients after reconstitution” are included.

If one of the ingredients is food to which an Israeli Standard applies, the name of the food shall be indicated in the list of ingredients as required in the applicable Standard and its ingredients shall not be listed.  However, if coloring and preservatives have been added to the above food their presence shall be indicated in the list of ingredients of the labeled food.

A food product to which no Israel Standard applies shall be labeled with the percent of an ingredient that significantly affects the price of the product, if so required by the authorities.


The date of manufacture or alternatively identification of the production lot as well as the last date for marketing shall be marked as indicated below:

Products whose shelf life is up to 60 days from the date of manufacture:

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