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Geology and hydrogeology ... …

Report No. SRL/FP/004.1 (10/05/2006)

turn out to be. It cannot therefore be argued, on the basis of unverifiable levels, eg those underneath a spoil heap28, and any sort of dubious modelling, that the original land surface is above the flood plain. It also follows that the existing structures (Lake H/I and various spoil deposits) created in recent times, as well as the proposed restoration levels as apparently proposed in Figure 5, are contrary to PPG25, and should therefore be remedied.

Page 2-7. “The Radley Brook is understood to have caused flooding…

Understood by whom?

“It would appear from the above….pose little or no flood risk…not be considered further”.

A strong conclusion for a shaky start!

“It is understood that as a result of recent ditch clearance” “We understand that the hydrogeology of the site has been reviewed…

Examples of further unsupported statements.

Page 2-8

“As the Kimmeridge Clay is largely impervious,…

Largely impervious? Is it or isn’t it? Is this where they admit that they haven’t a clue about whether it is or is not? They should have some genuine cause for doubt, following my earlier three arguments about fossils, palaeo- channels and faulting, as well as my contention that the Kimmeridge Clay probably lies in a very thin layer, nothing like the 30 m layer assumed by npower. This may be the nearest they get to admitting it.

“The area did not seem to suffer groundwater flooding during the winter of 2000/2001 and this is confirmed further by conversations with a local resident and business.”

This undocumented businessman? Does

remark is typical. he walk? Does he

One resident who understand the nature

may also

be a

of flooding?


not ask a range of local people who do easy to find by walking around the lakes

walk in on any

the countryside? Such people are day. No credibility can be attached

to this statement. Moreover, the Radley Messrs Tuckwell and Curtis for decades. end. What then will happen to the level of

gravel pits have had water extracted Eventually that process will come to the groundwater?

by an


ES, Appendix 7A, section 2.2.1, paragraph 2.

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