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Geology and hydrogeology ... …

Report No. SRL/FP/004.1 (10/05/2006)

Page 2-9

“Therefore the bunds will be…… regularly inspected to detect any erosion or other deterioration….this source of flood risk will not be considered further”.

The inspection protocol should be specified and a schedule indicated. Also the nature of remedial action and its feasibility deserve some discussion.

“It will provide a small additional storage volume…

I have disposed of that ridiculous argument already.

Page 2-15

An argument is worked through to calculate the groundwater flows, using an

assumed range of parameters (from page h a v e a l r e a d y s h o w n t o b e i n c o n s i s t e n t ) . 2-3 “Aquifer properties” which I But the groundwater flow they c a l c u l a t e r a n g e s f r o m 1 . 1 t o 5 3 . 3 m 3 / d a y . from rainfall onto Lake E itself would be The collection area to the north of T h e s e f i g u r e s a r e t i n y . T h e r u n o f f 5 0 , 0 0 0 m 3 / y e a r o r a b o u t 1 4 0 m 3 / d a y . Lake E which contributes to the

groundwater flow is likely to extend a mile or more. to a groundwater flow of about 850 m3/day, ignoring given on page 2-15 are pure fiction.

This area would give rise evaporation. The figures

Page 2-16

“We consider that the effect of this loss of storage upon the flood levels and flows …will be negligible”

We consider again, and this is a serious one. Both Save Radley Lakes, and myself (in my personal submission) argue that they are wrong.


The in situ Kimmeridge Clay has been wrongly presented by RWE npower as being a thick, impervious layer, suitable for bunding lakes used as dumps for their waste PFA which contains soluble heavy metals. It is probably not thick and it will not be impervious, unless extreme precautions are taken during the installation period. The clay seals are

shown, using npower’s people are drawing on presented to show that

arguments, to deflect groundwater towards Abingdon, where

this groundwater for their gardens and ponds. Lakes H/I, already bunded with Kimmeridge Clay,

Evidence is are leaching

metals and other dangerous substances into the groundwater. If permission is given dumping PFA waste into Lake E at Radley, using the method of bunding proposed RWE npower, the bunding seal will fail. Permission should therefore be refused.

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