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AccoUnting Firm

“I didn’t realize the communication skills needed,” Hu says. “People skills are one of the most important skills in my job. I have to hold the team together and make sure clients – inter- nal and external – are satisfied with our services. Now with more regulators added to oversee the profession, I need to work with them too.”

When it comes to communication, Hu cites the ability to respect others’ points of view and to express your own without a superior tone as critical in his role. He also notes the importance of bringing people to agreement on actions and solutions amidst varying opinions and perspectives.

BSU as a Base

Much of Hu’s appreciation for people and interpersonal relations comes from his experience at BSU.

“Deloitte is strong in its client relation- ships, and it’s a good fit for me because I like relationships,” Hu explains. “I got a lot of that from BSU. Everyone – from the accounting department, to other departments, to my campus employers and co-workers – genuinely wished me success in every endeavor. It’s a won- derful environment.”

Likewise, Hu values his exceptional mentor, odegaard, who looked after him as a friend and helped him launch his career.

“Dave has always helped me along the way,” Hu says. “He was instrumental in me getting my job and always very interested in my success with the firm. ‘Are you getting the right mentorship? Is there anything you’re interested in

growing with the firm?’ Dave is defi- nitely the person I look up to. I say my career started because of him.”

In addition to the relationships and related skills Hu developed at Bemi- dji State, he also credits his professors for giving him a strong work ethic. He believes that the commitment and value given to good work at BSU provided him an excellent foundation in which to advance at Deloitte & Touche.

Fit for the Future

Hu’s plans at Deloitte & Touche are long term and could include overseas experiences. With friends in Hong

Kong, London, and Singapore, as well as parents in Shanghai, Hu sees many options on the horizon. Some day he would like to further develop his people skills in a managerial role.

However far Hu may go in his career, he will maintain an affinity for BSU and the skills and qualities the University helped him develop.

“BSU and Bemidji offered me a home; that was very important to me,” Hu says. “I feel like Bemidji made me what I am today.””


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Xihao Hu

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