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Remote Control

0-9 numerical buttons: Selects numbered options in a menu.

3D SURR.: Selects 3D SURROUND during playback.

b / B / v / V (left/right/up/down): Selects an option in the menu. v / V (up/down): Scans up or down through memorized channels.

A-B: Repeat sequence.

ANGLE: Selects a DVD camera angle, if available.

AUDIO: Selects an audio language (DVD) or an audio channel (CD).

AV: Changes the input to use for recording (Tuner, AV1-4, or DV IN).

CHP ADD: Inserts a chapter marker when playing/recording.

CLEAR: Removes a track number on the Program List or a mark on the Marker Search menu.

DISPLAY: Accesses On-Screen Display.

DUBBING: Copies DVD to HDD (or HDD to DVD).


  • -

    Acknowledges menu selection.

  • -

    Displays information while

viewing a TV program.

HOME: Accesses or removes the HOME menu.

I.SKIP (INSTANT SKIP): Skips 15 seconds forward on the disc (about the length of a typical TV: commercial).

MARKER: Marks any point during playback.

MENU/LIST: Accesses menu on a DVD disc. Switches between Title List-Original and Title List-Playlist menu.

OPEN/CLOSE (Z): Opens and closes the disc tray.

PAUSE/STEP (X) : Pause playback or recording temporarily, press again to exit pause mode.

PIP: Selects PIP function on or off. N (PLAY): Starts playback.

POWER: Switches the recorder ON or OFF.

RANDOM: Plays tracks in random order.

REC (z): Starts recording. Press repeatedly to set the recording time.

REC MODE: Selects the recording mode (HQ, SQ, LQ or EQ).

REPEAT: Repeat chapter, track, title, all.


  • -

    Removes the menu.

  • -

    Displays the menu of a video CD

with PBC.

SCAN (m / M): Search backward or forward.

SEARCH: Displays Marker Search menu.

SETUP: Accesses or removes the Setup menu.

VIDEO Plus+: To display the program menu for VIDEO Plus+ System programming. SKIP (. / >): Go to next chapter or track. Returns to beginning of current chapter or track or go to previous chapter or track.

STOP (x): Stops playback or recording.

SUBTITLE: Selects a subtitle language.

THUMBNAIL: Selects a thumbnail picture for the current title and chapter for use in the Original and Playlist menu.

TIMER REC: Displays Timer Record menu.

TIMESHIFT: Activates pause live TV/playback (timeshift) for a live TV program.

TITLE: Displays the disc’s Title menu, if available.

TV/DVD: To view channels selected by the recorder tuner or by the TV tuner.

TV Control Buttons

  • -

    POWER: Turns the TV on or off.

  • -

    AV: Selects the TV’s source.

  • -

    PR +/–: Selects TV’s channel.

  • -

    VOL +/–: Adjusts TV’s volume.

  • -

    MUTE: Temporarily turns TV sound OFF, press again to restore.

ZOOM: Enlarges DVD video image.

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