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Program Edit

You can edit a channel manually (add, delete, name, move, etc.).

1. Select [Program Edit] option then press B.

2. Press ENTER while [Edit] is selected. The Program List menu appears.

  • 3.

    Use v / V to select a PR number then press ENTER.

  • 4.

    Use v / V to select the program option then press ENTER.

    • [Program Edit] Sets the channel manually. See “Program Edit” on the right.

    • [Station Rename] Changes the station name. The display for entering characters appears. To enter characters, see page 50.

    • [Move] Sorts the programme positions on the Program List. Press v / V to move the selected programme position to a new location.

    • [Delete] Disables a programme position you do not need.

    • [Decoder On/Off] Sets the channels for the decoder. You need this setting to watch or record PAY-TV/Canal Plus programmes. Press ENTER so [Decoder] appears on the display. Press ENTER again to turn off the setting.

    • [NICAM Auto/off] Sets the channels for the NICAM broadcast. Normally, [NICAM] is lit on the display. If the sound from NICAM broadcast is not clear, press ENTER so [NICAM] disappears.

  • 5.

    Press RETURN (O) repeatedly to exit Program List menu.

Program Edit

You can perform a search to select and store TV channels manually. When you select [Program Edit] in step 4 above, the display for setting channels appears.

1. Use b / B to select the item and press v / V to change the setting.

PR Seek







    • [PR] indicates the selected programme position.

    • [Seek] Searches for a channel automatically. Searching stops when the recorder tunes in a channel.

    • [Ch.] Changes the channel number.

    • [MFT] Fine tunes the channel to obtain a clearer picture.

  • 2.

    Choose OK then press ENTER to confirm the setting and returns to the Program List menu.

AV1 Decoder

Sets the EURO AV1 AUDIO/VIDEO jack for inputting encoded video signals. 1. Press AV while the Program List menu appears.

  • 2.

    Press ENTER to select [On] or [Off]

    • Off: Inputs the signals from the EURO AV1 AUDIO/VIDEO jack. Normally select this.

    • On: The encoded video signal input from the EURO AV1 AUDIO/VIDEO jack is output to the EURO AV2 DECODER jack for decoding. The decoded signal is then input back through the EURO AV2 DECODER jack so you can record or view PAY-TV/Canal Plus programmes. In this case, select [AV1] by pressing AV button.


Hookup and Settings

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