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Progressive Scan

Progressive Scan Video provides the highest quality pictures with less flickering. If you are using the COMPONENT VIDEO OUT/ PROGRESSIVE SCAN jacks, but are connecting the recorder to a standard (analog) television, set Progressive Scan to [OFF]. If you are using the COMPONENT VIDEO OUT/ PROGRESSIVE SCAN jacks for connection to a TV or monitor that is compatible with a progressive scan signal, set Progressive Scan to [ON].

Note: Progressive Scan will be disable in the setup menu when the VIDEO OUTPUT switch on the rear panel is set to RGB position.

Caution Once the setting for Progressive Scan output is entered, an image will only be visible on a Progressive Scan compatible TV or monitor. If you set Progressive Scan to [ON] in error, you must reset the recorder. First, remove the disc in the recorder. Next, press STOP (x) and hold it for five seconds before releasing it. The video output will be restored to the standard setting, and a picture will once again be visible on a conventional analog TV or monitor.


PBC stands for Playback Control and refers to special menus and navigation features that are available on some Video CDs.

  • [ON] Video CDs are played according to the PBC, if available.

  • [OFF] Video CDs are played the same way as Audio CDs.


You can reset the recorder to its original factory settings and initialize the HDD.

  • [Factory Set] If you need to, you can reset the recorder to all its factory settings. Some options cannot be reset. (Rating, Password, and Area Code)

  • [HDD format] Initializes the HDD (Hard Disk Drive): everything recorded on the HDD will be erased.

    • 1.

      Select [Initialize] option then press B.

2. Press v / V to select the desired option then press ENTER. The confirm message will appear.

3. Use b / B to select [Yes] or [No] then press ENTER.

Language Settings

Display Menu

Select a language for the Setup menu and on-screen display.


Hookup and Settings

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