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Finalizing ‘fixes’ the recordings in place so that the disc can be played on a regular DVD player or computer equipped with a suitable DVD-ROM drive. Finalizing a Video mode disc creates a menu screen for navigating the disc. This is accessed by pressing MENU/LIST or TITLE.


Once you have finalized a DVD-R and DVD+R disc, you cannot edit or record anything else on that disc except DVD+RW. However, you can record and edit a DVD-RW disc by choosing [Unfinalize] option.

  • 1.

    Select [Finalize] option then press B.

  • 2.

    Press ENTER while [Finalize] is selected.

Finalize menu appears.

3. Select [Ok] then press ENTER. T h e r e c o r d e r s t a r t s f i n a l i z i n g t h e d i s c . N o t e : How long finalization takes depends on the type of disc, how much is recorded on the disc, and the number of titles on the disc. DVD+R DL disc can take up to 30 minutes to finalize.

T i p s If you load a DVD-RW that has already been finalized, you can ‘Unfinalize’ it by choosing Unfinalize from the Finalize menu. After doing this, you can edit and re-record onto the disc.

  • You cannot unfinalize a DVD-R and DVD+R disc.

  • If [Disc Protect] option is set to [ON], the finalize is not available. To finalize, set [Disc Protect] option to [OFF].

Disc Label

Use this to enter a name for the disc. This name appears when you load the disc and when you display disc information on-screen.

  • The disc name can be up to 32 characters long.

  • For discs formatted on a different recorder, you will

see only a limited character set.

  • 1.

    Select [Disc Label] option then press B.

  • 2.

    Press ENTER while [Edit] is selected. Keyboard menu appears. To enter characters, see page 50.

Disc Protect

When recording in DVD+RW / +R disc or VR mode formatted DVD-RW disc, set to [ON] to prevent accidental recording, editing or deleting of the disc loaded. If you need to unlock the disc to make edits, select [OFF].

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