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Marker Search



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To enter a Marker

You can start playback from up to six memorized points. To enter a marker, press MARKER at the desired point on the disc. The Marker icon appears on the TV screen briefly. Repeat to enter up to six markers.

To Recall or Clear a Marked Scene

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    During disc playback, press SEARCH. The marker search menu appears on the screen.

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    Use b / B / v / V to select a marked scene that you want to recall or clear.

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    Press ENTER and playback starts from the marked scene. Or, press CLEAR and the marked scene is erased from the marker search menu.

Checking the Contents of DVD Video Discs: Menus

DVDs may contain menus that allow you to access special features. To open the disc menu, press MENU/LIST. Then, press the appropriate number button to select an option. Or, use the b / B / v / V buttons to highlight your selection, then press ENTER.

Title Menu DVD

1. Press TITLE. If the current title has a menu, the menu will appear on the TV screen. Otherwise, the disc menu may not appear.

2. The menu may contain camera angles, spoken language and subtitle options, and chapters for the title.

Disc Menu DVD

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    Press MENU/LIST. The disc menu is displayed.

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    To remove the disc menu, press MENU/LIST again.

Camera Angle DVD

If the disc contains scenes recorded at different camera angles, you can change to a different camera angle during playback. Press ANGLE then press b / B repeatedly during playback to select a desired angle. The number of the current angle appears on the TV screen . T i p : The ANGLE indicator will blink on the TV screen at scenes recorded at different angles to indicate that angle switching is possible.

Changing the Audio Soundtrack DVD

Press AUDIO then press b / B repeatedly during playback to hear a different audio language or audio soundtrack if available.

Note: Some discs feature both Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks. There is no analog audio output when DTS is selected. To listen to the DTS soundtrack, connect this recorder to a DTS decoder via one of the digital outputs. See page 13 for connection details.

Changing the Audio Channel


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Press AUDIO then press b / B repeatedly during playback to hear a different audio channel (STEREO, LEFT or RIGHT). With DVD-RW discs recorded in VR mode and HDD that have both a main and a Bilingual audio channel, you can switch among Main (L), Sub (R), or Main+sub (L+R) by pressing AUDIO.

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