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Playing an Audio CD or MP3/WMA file

The recorder can play audio CDs and MP3/WMA files on HDD, CD-ROM, CD-R/RW or DVD±R/RW discs. Before playing MP3/WMA files, read “About MP3/WMA audio files” on page 33.

Audio CD and Music menu options

1. Press v / V to select a folder/file on the Audio CD or Music menu then press ENTER. The menu options appear.

2. Press v / V / b / B to select an option, and press ENTER.

[Play] Start playback the selected title.

[Open] Opens the folder and a list of files in the folder appears

[Delete] Deletes the file(s) from the media. [Rename] Edits the file name. (page 37)

[Move] Moves the file(s) to another folder or media. (page 38)

[Copy] Copies the file(s) to another folder or media. (page 38)

[Program Add] Adds the track(s) to Program List. (page 34)

  • 1.

    Press HOME. The HOME menu appears.

  • 2.

    Select a media that contains MP3/WMA or audio title then press ENTER.

  • 3.

    Select [MUSIC] option then press ENTER. The Audio CD or Music menu appears on the TV screen.

Moving to Another Track

Press SKIP . or > briefly during playback to go to the next track or to return to the beginning of the current track.

Press SKIP . twice briefly to step back to the previous track.

On an Audio CD, to go directly to any track, enter the track number using the numbered buttons (0-9) during playback.

Audio CD Menu

Music Menu

4. Use v/V to select a track then press N (PLAY). Playback starts. During playback, the current track’s elapsed playing time will appear on the front panel display and menu. Playback will stop at the end of the d i s c . T i p s : Press DISPLAY to view ID3-Tag information for the MP3 file. If ID3-Tag information is not present, “Not Checked” will appear. If you select a folder, the number of subfolders and number of MP3/WMA files in the folder are displayed. Press DISPLAY again to remove the information screen. If you want to move to the upper directory, use


  • 1.

    Press PAUSE/STEP (X) during playback.

  • 2.

    To return to playback, press N (PLAY) or press

PAUSE/STEP (X) again.

the v / V to highlight

and press ENTER.

You can also display HOME menu to select another media by pressing RETURN (O).

5. To stop playback at any time, press STOP.

Tip: You can create new folder. Select [New Album] option on the Music-HDD menu then press ENTER. “NONAME##” folder is created.

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