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About DVD recording


  • This recorder cannot make recordings on CD-R or CD-RW discs.

  • Our company takes no responsibility for recording failure due to power outages, defective discs, or damage to the Recorder.

  • Fingerprints and small scratches on a disc can affect playback and/or recording performance. Please take proper care of your discs.

Disc types and recording formats, modes, and settings

This recorder can play five different kinds of DVD discs: pre-recorded DVD-Video discs, DVD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+RW and DVD+R discs. The disc format for DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+RW discs is always “Video format”—the same as pre-recorded DVD-Video discs. This means that once finalized, you can play a DVD-R, DVD+R, or DVD+RW in a regular DVD player. By default, the DVD-RW disc format is Video Recording (VR) format, though you can change this to Video format, if required. (Reinitializing the disc will erase the contents of the disc.) The recording mode is closely related to the disc format. If the disc format is Video Recording format, then the recording mode is VR mode; if the disc format is Video mode, then the recording mode is Video mode (except for DVD-Video, which is not recordable, and so does not have a recording mode). Within the recording modes (which are fixed for them whole disc) are the record settings. These can be changed as required for each recording and determine the picture quality and how much space the recording will take up on the disc.

About HDD recording

Recording to the internal hard disk drive (HDD) is basically similar to recording to a VR mode DVD-RW disc. You have the full choice of recording quality options, including the manual mode, and of course you can record, erase and re-record as many times as you like. The capacity of the hard disk drive means that you can store many hours of video on it, even in the higher quality recording modes. To help you organize the contents, the HDD is divided into ten genre. You can name and use these genres as you like—for example, you might have a genre for movies, another for TV shows, and one for camcorder recordings.


  • The maximum number of titles that can be recorded on the HDD is 255.

  • Using the HDD allows you to record a maximum of 12 hours continuously.

Notes for recording

  • The recording times shown are not exact because the recorder uses variable bit-rate video compression. This means that the exact recording time will depend on the material being recorded.

  • When recording a TV broadcast, if the reception is poor or the picture contains interference, the recording times may be shorter.

  • If you record still pictures or audio only, the recording time may be longer.

  • The displayed times for recording and time remaining may not always add up to exactly the length of the disc.

  • The recording time available may decrease if you heavily edit a disc.

  • If using a DVD-RW disc, make sure you change the recording format (Video mode or VR mode) before you record anything on the disc. See page 23 (Disc Format) for how to do this.

  • When using a DVD-R or DVD+R disc, you can keep recording until the disc is full, or until you finalize the disc. Before you start a recording session, check the amount of recording time left on the disc.

  • When using a DVD-RW disc in Video mode, recording time available will only increase if you erase the last title recorded on the disc.

  • The Delete Title option in the Title List (Original) menu only hides the title, it does not actually erase the title from the disc and increase the recording time available (except for the last recorded title on a DVD-RW disc in Video mode).

  • Overwrite recording is available using DVD+RW discs.

  • When using a DVD+R/RW, the recorder will execute the Menu-making operation to update the new title and editing when removing the disc from the recorder. So you must remove the disc after selecting the recorder’s operation mode to DISC mode.

Recording time and picture quality There are four preset recording quality modes:

  • HQ – Highest quality setting, gives about 1 hour of recording time on a DVD (4.7GB).

  • SQ – Default quality, sufficient for most applications, gives about 2 hours of recording time on a DVD

    • (4.7


  • LQ – Slightly lower video quality, gives about 4 hour of recording time on a DVD disc (4.7GB).

  • EQ – Lowest video quality, gives about 6 hour of recording time on a DVD (4.7GB).



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