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Programming can be checked whenever the recorder is turned on. Press TIMER REC twice. Use v / V to select a timer recording.

Press ENTER to edit the selected program. Timer Record menu appears.

Press CLEAR to delete the selected program from the Timer Record List.

Checking Timer Recording Details

If two or more timer programs overlap:

  • The earlier program takes priority.

  • When the earlier program finishes, the later program starts.

  • If two programs are set to start at exactly the same time, the program entered first takes priority.

If the disc is damaged, the recording may not complete successfully. In this case even though the Check field shows “Rec. OK”, it may not be.

Recording from an External Input

Recording from External Components

You can record from an external component, such as a camcorder or VCR, connected to any of the recorder’s external inputs.

Canceling a Timer Recording

You can clear a timer setting anytime before the recording actually starts.

  • Use v / V to select a program you want to erase on the Timer Recorder List. If you want to erase the program, press CLEAR.

Stopping a Timer Recording in Progress

After a timer recording has started, you can still cancel the program.

  • Press POWER.

Timer Recording Troubleshooting

Even though the timer is set, the recorder will not record when:

  • There is no disc loaded and there is not free space on the HDD.

  • A non-recordable disc is loaded and there is not free space on the HDD.

  • [Disc Protect] option is set to [ON] in the Setup menu and there is not free space on the HDD. (see page 24).

  • Power is turned on.

  • There are already 99 titles (DVD-RW, DVD-R,), 49 titles (DVD+R, DVD+RW) recorded on the disc and there are already 255 titles recorded on the HDD.

You cannot enter a timer program when:

  • A recording is already underway.

  • The time you’re trying to set has already passed.

  • There are already 16 timer programs set.

  • 1.

    Make sure that the component you want to record from is connected properly to the recorder. See page 14-15.

  • 2.

    Choose a media (HDD or DVD) to record using HOME menu. (see page 16).

  • 3.

    Press AV repeatedly to select the external input to record from.

    • Tuner: Built-in tuner

    • AV1: EURO AV1 AUDIO VIDEO mounted on back panel

    • AV2: EURO A/V2 DECODER mounted on back panel

    • AV3: AUDIO IN 3 / VIDEO IN 3 mounted on back panel

    • AV4: INPUT 4 (VIDEO, AUDIO (L/R), S-VIDEO IN) mounted on front panel

    • DV: DV IN mounted on front panel

  • 4.

    Select the recording mode as necessary by pressing REC MODE repeatedly. (HQ, SQ, LQ, or EQ)

  • 5.

    Press REC (z) once. Recording will start. (The REC indicator lights in the display window.)

    • Recording continues until you press STOP (x) or the disc is full.

    • To record for a fixed length of time, see “Instant Timer Recording” on page 41.

6 . P r e s s S T O P ( x ) t o s t o p r e c o r d i n g . N o t e : If your source is copy-protected using CopyGuard, you will not be able to record it using this recorder. See Copyright on page 53 for more details.

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