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Discs recorded with copy-once material cannot be played on other players.

The remaining blank space on the disc is insufficient.

The source you are trying to record is copy protected.

When setting the recording channel, the channel is tuned on the TV’s own tuner.

When recording to a Video mode disc, programs that are copy-once protected cannot be recorded.

Clock in recorder is not set to correct time.


Cannot play a disc recorded using this recorder on another player.

Cannot record or did not record successfully.

Timer recording is not possible.


  • The disc was recorded in Video mode.

  • Some players will not play even a

finalized disc recorded in Video mode.

  • The disc was recorded in VR mode,

Timer has been programmed incorrectly.

Timer record indicator light does not appear after programming timer.

TV is not Stereo-compatible.

Broadcast program is not in stereo format.

The recorder A/V Out jacks are not connected to TV A/V In jacks.

The recorder Audio/Video Out is not selected for viewing at the TV.

The recorder’s TV audio channel is set to mono.

Stereo Audio Record and/or Playback is not present.

The remote control is not pointed at the remote sensor of the recorder.

The remote control is too far from the recorder.

There is an obstacle in the path of the remote control and the recorder.

The batteries in the remote control are exhausted.

The remote control does not work properly.


  • Finalize the disc. (page 24)

  • No solution.

  • The other player must be RW

compatible in order to play it.

  • No solution.

  • Use another disc.

  • You cannot record the source.

  • Select the channel on the recorder’s

built-in TV tuner.

  • Use a VR mode formatted disc for copy-once material.

  • Set clock to correct time. See “Auto Clock Set” or “Manual Clock Set” on page 18.

  • Reprogram Timer. See “Timer Recording” on page 42.

  • Reprogram Timer.

  • No solution.

  • No solution.

  • Make A/V connections. Stereo is available only via A/V output from the recorder.

  • Select AUX or A/V source as TV input.

  • Set TV audio channel mode to Stereo. See “Changing TV audio channel” on

page 41.

  • Point the remote control at the remote sensor of the recorder.

  • Operate the remote control within 7 m.

  • Remove the obstacle.

  • Replace the batteries with new ones.

Resetting the recorder If you observe any of the following symptoms...

  • The unit is plugged in, but the power will not turn on

or off.

  • The front panel display is not working.

  • The recorder is not operating normally.

...you can reset the recorder as follows:

  • Press and hold the POWER button for at least five seconds. This will force the unit to power off then turn the unit back on.

  • Unplug the power cord, wait at least five seconds, and then plug it in again.

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